Xavi admits that it is difficult for Barcelona to sign Haaland, Manchester City jersey is still in the lead

Manchester City jersey

Barcelona was once considered a prime suitor for the Norwegian star, but Haaland is now closing in on a move to the Premier League.

Barcelona boss Xavi admits any bid for Haaland would be “very difficult” due to the club’s current financial situation. Currently, the Dortmund star is approaching a move to Manchester City.

The Norway international is widely expected to leave the Bundesliga for the Premier League, making the biggest news of this summer’s transfer window.

Since Haaland’s rise to fame, Barcelona has become a potential next home for the star. However, in a press conference, Xavi himself admitted that the club’s financial problems will limit Haaland’s transfer.

“It’s very difficult because of the economic situation. I can’t lie to you, that’s the reality,” Harvey said on Monday.

“I wouldn’t say [it’s just about the money]. I’m not disrespecting other clubs. We’re not the only clubs with a good record. City have won a lot of titles and are at the top level.”

“But if what you said happened [Barcelona didn’t sign Haaland], it would be because of financial problems.”

It is foreseeable that once Haaland transfers, his 75 million euros release clause will definitely be triggered. Barcelona won’t be able to do much at this point because of their poor financial situation. In the past few years, many of Barcelona’s transfers have been free players.

Furthermore, even if they overcome the transfer fee woes, how to meet Haaland’s wage needs will hinder the transfer. Obviously, in this regard, Manchester City occupies an absolute advantage.