Rooney: When I was young, to deal with the pressure of being a star, I would lock myself up and drink like crazy

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The ex-England captain talks about the way he has dealt with stress during his career

Manchester United legend and Derby County manager Wayne Rooney is about to release a documentary, and he recently gave an interview to the media and revealed that the pressures of his playing days made him turn to alcohol.

Rooney said: “I made a lot of mistakes when I was young, some in the media and some not in the media, whether it was a fight or something. For me, dealing with that, dealing with the reports in the newspapers, dealing with the manager at the time, Dealing with the family at the time was very difficult.”

“In my early days at United, probably until we had my first son, Kai, I really locked myself in. I never went out. Sometimes you get a few days off, I actually I would lock myself up and drink and try to get everything out of my mind.”

“Locking myself up made me forget some of the issues I was dealing with. It was like an orgy.”

“I was always angry and aggressive growing up. When I got into football, it was obvious. Obviously, I had some issues that I had to work on and now, luckily, I have put them It’s all under control.”

“I have a good relationship with alcohol now. No problem. I still have an occasional drink. Not like I used to. Not as well controlled as when I was playing.”

Rooney also spoke about his rejection of Everton’s invitation, saying: “I’ve been at Derby County for over three years as a player and as a manager, and you build a relationship with the players, first as a team-mate, then as a manager, and with the staff.”

“Everything that’s been asked of these players, hard work, honesty, trust, commitment… If I just turned around and left, I can’t do that to the players and staff, to be honest.”

“I could see that once Benitez was sacked and my name was linked to Everton, the staff were frustrated, they were scared, what would happen to the club if I left? I know they have been Look for me and try to help rebuild this club.”

“I said to the staff, I’m standing here right now, with you, no matter what the reports out there say, I’m with you. I think it’s important to them.”