Looking back on Haaland’s father’s feud with Manchester United’s jerseys star

Looking back at the grievance between Haaland’s father and the Manchester United jerseys legend, Keane was actually misunderstood?

The legendary former Manchester United captain famously clashed with the Norwegian in a derby at Old Trafford and the argument never stopped.

When Erin Haaland joined Manchester City from Dortmund in a £51m transfer fee, the topic of his father was brought up again. Old Haaland has made 47 appearances for the Blue Moon and has a long-standing feud with Manchester United legend Roy Keane. Back in April 2001, Haaland represented Manchester City to challenge Manchester United at Old Trafford. Keane was sent off for a malicious foul on Haaland in the 86th minute. Keane communicated with the elder Haaland after the big action foul, so what did he say and did Haaland’s father end his career? GOAL takes you to find out.

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What did Roy Keane say to old Haaland?

A few years before that duel, Keane had had an affair with the old Haaland, when Keane was seriously injured. In 1997, Keane ruptured his cruciate ligament in a Premier League game away at Leeds United, but not everyone present believed the Irishman was in as much pain as he described. After waiting for his revenge on Haaland, Keane revealed in his 2002 autobiography what he said after that foul. Keane wrote, “I’ve waited long enough. I kicked him hard and the ball is there. Try this, you bastard. Never stand on my head and laugh at a fake injury.”

After that foul, Keane was fined £5,000 and suspended for three games. After the autobiography was published, Keane was fined £15,000 and banned for five games. Still, the man now known for his stern smile has little remorse, Keane said in another autobiography published in 2014. “He pissed me off and told him to shut up. He’s an absolute nuisance. Nagging, sneaky.” “I want to bring him down and let him know what’s going on. I want to teach him a lesson and say to him, ‘Have a taste of this, **.'” “I don’t regret it, but I didn’t want to hurt him, it was just a foul, part of football, dog for dog.” “I’ve played a lot of players and I know the difference between teaching someone a lesson and hurting someone. I didn’t want to hurt Haaland, professional athletes know the difference.”

“”There was no premeditated plan. After the game against Leeds in 1997, when I injured my cruciate ligament, I played against Haaland three or four times later. In 2001, he was playing for Manchester City when I fouled. ” “Why should I wait so many years to hurt him if I want crazy revenge?” “Have I been thinking for years: ‘I’m going to go to him, I’m going to go to him?’ No, is he in my head? Of course it is.” “Like Rob Lee, like David Batty, like Alan Shearer, like Patrick Vieira. All these players are on my mind. ‘If I had a chance, I would **Kick you, of course I will.”

“Haaland played that game and played for Norway four days later. Years later he claimed to retire for that foul and wanted to sue me. It was a big foul, but he was still playing four days later. ball.”