Don’t blame Manchester City for killing the title race: Chelsea and Liverpool lack the ruthlessness needed for a championship

Manchester City won 10 consecutive Premier League victories after beating Brentford 1-0, putting more pressure on their so-called challengers.

Everyone wants three teams to compete for the Premier League title, but if this doesn’t happen, don’t blame Manchester City.

Fans all over the world are excited about Guardiola’s team being challenged by Chelsea and Liverpool this season.

However, just a few days before the start of the new year, there was an increasingly strong sense of anti-climax, as Manchester City seemed to be one level higher than their opponents.

After defeating Brentford 1-0 on Wednesday night, defending champions Manchester City have won 10 consecutive victories in the Premier League. They are now fully capable of winning their fourth Premier League title in nearly five seasons.

In fact, after Liverpool and Chelsea unexpectedly dropped points in a row within 24 hours, Manchester City has led them by 8 points in the standings.

The Reds originally missed one round, but they lost 0-1 to Leicester City. Together with Chelsea’s 1-1 home draw with Brighton, the Reds and Blues faced Tuchel at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. It was a must-win game for Klopp.

Whoever loses this game is likely to be eliminated from the championship. Of course, Guardiola disagreed, and his players disagreed. Manchester City has 18 league games left this season, including home games against Chelsea and Liverpool.

“Thank you for your kind words, because we won, but if you say we have won the championship, I won’t believe you,” Guardiola said of the championship on Wednesday.

“Chelsea and Liverpool are both outstanding. Chelsea is the European champion, and Liverpool has been our competitor in recent years.”

“There are 54 points to fight. We will always only think about the next game.”

“Unfortunately, we must go to London soon to face Arsenal, at 12:30, with the intention of winning.”

In the last two games, there is enough defensive uncertainty to show that Manchester City is also vulnerable, even if the results of the game show otherwise.

On Sunday, they inexplicably conceded 3 goals in 10 minutes against the injured Leicester City at home, but in the end Blue Moon won 6-3.

Brentford has also been affected by injuries and the epidemic, but they still managed to cause a lot of trouble for Manchester City.

However, neither Liverpool nor Chelsea can compare with Manchester City’s outstanding stability, and even Klopp has admitted this.

Brentford showed the required passion and energy to get Manchester City through a difficult night, and Manchester City was obviously happy to score in the last few minutes. It was an undeniable and ugly victory.

However, in most cases, Manchester City still exerts the control they want. If it weren’t for the strict offside penalty of Laporte by VAR in the final stage, Manchester City would have won more easily.

When Chelsea drew with Brighton, Fernandinho, Bernardo Silva and De Bruyne stifled Brentford’s creativity with 76% possession in the midfield. They easily Pass the ball around the home team players.

It is true that after Phil Foe’s shot in the first half, Manchester City did not create too many clear opportunities, but the England international did have another shot and De Bruyne hit the goal post. .

However, for Manchester City, who have only conceded 12 goals so far this season, one goal is enough.

Brentford had a threat in the opening 15 minutes. When Eun Visa’s shot passed Edson, they thought they were ahead, but Joao Cancelo took Visa’s shot. Blocked the bottom line.

However, less than three minutes later, Manchester City took the lead, and it was this ruthless attitude that distinguished them from other competitors.

The winning goal was actually very simple. Cancelo passed the ball back, De Bruyne passed it, and Foden cleverly scored the ball from close range.

You can easily predict what will happen to Manchester City, but it is almost impossible to stop them from letting things happen. And now, there is a similar sense of necessity about the championship battle.

Liverpool and Chelsea have prevailed against Leicester City and Everton respectively in recent weeks, but could not win, while Guardiola has once again turned his team into a winning machine.

Now, their opponents have a responsibility to respond, starting with the Stamford Bridge battle on Sunday. Otherwise, Manchester City may eventually win the so-called three-horse race.