Chelsea’s Broja conundrum: Should he be sold for cash or recalled?

Tuchel admires the 20-year-old but Saints are keen to extend the striker’s loan deal after the season.

Chelsea could face a transfer tug-of-war with Southampton over Armando Broja’s future.

It’s easy to see why the 20-year-old is a sought-after person.

Since joining Southampton on loan from Chelsea last summer, he has made 20 appearances in all competitions, scoring seven goals, averaging a goal every 158.4 minutes.

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In doing so, Broja also became the youngest player in Premier League history to score in each of his first four home starts – the first since Diego Costa at Chelsea in 2014 .

In addition, the Albania international was on loan at Waiters last season, and in his last four appearances for the national team, he contributed 3 goals and 2 assists.

Given this, it’s no surprise that Southampton boss Hasenhuttl wants to buy out the striker.

“Of course we can sign Broja, he likes it here,” Hasenhuttl told reporters. “If he’s our player and he wants to be with us, that’s great. I think you can feel that in every moment.”

Of course, Southampton has plenty of reasons to convince Broja to stay at the team beyond the end of the season.

Not only has the club been strengthened recently by its takeover by Sport Republic, Saints also bought another Chelsea academy graduate, Livramento, last summer after five years of modest investment by former boss Gao Jisheng.

“Young players who couldn’t make it at Chelsea or Manchester City are welcome here,” Hasenhuttl said. “We’ll give them a platform and hopefully create new stars.”

Goal understands that Broja is open to staying at Southampton.

However, Chelsea will obviously have a big say in what happens next, as the striker’s contract runs until 2026.

However, the Blues have shown a willingness to sell local talent for huge profits.

After all, the team didn’t just let Livramento go last summer. Chelsea have raised a total of £90m through the sale of young players, the money to finance the club’s signing of Lukaku from Inter.

Therefore, they can easily decide to cash out on Broya for profit. It is worth noting, however, that Tuchel admires Broja, who had considered adding Broja to the first-team squad before signing Lukaku.

The Germany boss has also been closely monitoring Broja’s progress at Southampton.

“Broja is getting better and better,” Tuchel said last week. “He’s a very unique player, he has a unique character in his game, he has speed, he’s strong, he’s a good goalscorer.”

“First of all, this is not the time to discuss summer transfers, this is the time for him to keep his cool and keep improving.”

Even if Broja is not considered ready to play for Chelsea next season, the club can choose to include a buy-back clause in any transfer, as they did when they sold Livramento to Southampton for £5m.

In fact, if Chelsea wanted, they could bring Livramento back to Stamford Bridge for £34m after 18 months.

When it comes to Broja, Chelsea also has the option to include a future fee-sharing clause, which is usually attractive to both sellers and buyers, as it means the former can profit further on the player, while the latter can pay more than usual Get players for a lower price.

This mutually beneficial arrangement helped interested teams sign Lewis Bett, Miles-Pirt-Harris and Dinelle Simiou from the Blues in the summer.

However, no immediate developments are expected for Broya’s future.

Despite Southampton’s vehement push for a deal, he and Chelsea will delay any transfer talks until the summer.

This will likely mean more competition for the Saints as Broja progresses at a rapid rate.

On the striker side, it is also expected to be a busy summer window with the likes of Haaland, Vlahovic and Jonathan David all moving, which could lead to a carousel of transfer relationships.

That knock-on effect could have implications for other players at various other clubs, including Chelsea.

Still, while it’s unclear where Broja’s future lies, it’s clear he’s currently on the right path to football stardom.