Bayern defeated Bochum 2-4 and was dunked 4 goals in the first half, a 47-year embarrassing record

Last September, Bayern slaughtered newly-promoted Bochum Bochum 7-0 at home, but suffered a crushing defeat in this weekend’s clash between the two teams.

Bayern’s 2-4 defeat in Bochum at the weekend set a new club low in 47 years and gave Dortmund hope of a title challenge.

In this game, Bochum is at home against Bayern. Bayern is regarded as a favorite to win. In September last year, Bayern slaughtered their opponents 7-0 at their home.

But this time Bochum improved significantly, scoring four goals in the first half and giving Bayern their fourth defeat of the season.

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Lewandowski scored in the ninth minute of the game, and it looked like Bayern were already on the road to victory, but Adeje scored the equaliser shortly after.

In the 38th minute, Locadia hit a penalty kick to help Bochum overtake the score, and then Gamboa scored another goal almost immediately, followed by another 25-yard long-range shot from Holtman.

With these 4 goals, Bochum became the first team since 1975 to score 4 goals for Bayern in the first half of the Bundesliga. The last team to do so was Eintracht Frankfurt, who won 6-0 in that game. Southern Star. Although Bayern scored another goal in the second half, it was just a consolation goal.

Kimmich admitted after the game that the team’s performance was sub-par, saying: “Overall, we played the worst performance of the season today. Today we lack all the conditions to win the game, if such a thing happens in a season. Once, then I said it could happen. But it’s not the first time it’s happened to us. It happened against Borussia too, so we have to be careful. With such an attitude, such physical tension Extent…I can list some of the things we lack here.”

“It’s not so much about planning or tactics, it’s about the way you approach a game like this. We definitely have to question ourselves and also ask ourselves if this is the mentality that the Bayern club embodies.”

Bayern coach Nagelsmann agrees with Kimmich’s point of view. Now Dortmund has a chance of winning the title. As long as they win the next game against Union Berlin, they can narrow the gap to six points.

“It’s just a bad game, it shouldn’t have happened to us, that’s how I feel, that’s what I think,” Nagelsman said.