10 secrets of Manchester City’s new signing Haaland

10 secrets of Manchester City jersey’s new aid Haaland: set a world record at the age of 5

Manchester City

On Tuesday night, Manchester City Jerseys officially announced that they have reached an agreement with Bundesliga giants Dortmund, and Haaland will become a member of the Blue Moon.

Manchester City paid a transfer fee of around £51m ($63m), triggering Haaland’s release clause with Dortmund. Haaland will sign a five-year deal with Manchester City.

For Guardiola, Haaland’s prolific characteristics will help Manchester City go further on the journey to the Champions League. As Haaland is about to start his Premier League career, we searched for some interesting little-known stories about the Norwegian.

Manchester City

follow in father’s footsteps

Haaland will follow in his father’s footsteps and join Premier League Manchester City. Old Haaland has played in English football for many years, wearing the shirts of Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Manchester City successively.